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Gog and Magog

gogandmagog.org is an alternative attempt to create world peace.
The project is trying to address the subject using different ideas and theories that are not necessarily logical and may seem in some cases totally ridiculous.
If you are interested to join the journey than please be prepared to question everything and break the boundaries of logic and challenge it.
Still here?
Let's start!
b.t.w gog and magog project is a project for profit, the reason for it is that while sitting and thinking there is always someone who needs to take out the garbage.

Searching for participants

If you are interested to participate in the project please write to boaz@humansapiens.com.
Participants will be given a 3 letter nickname, user, and ability to share their knowledge and opinions with an important mission! (questioning and putting doubt in theories mentioned, adding new theories, contribution in other fields including: administration, economy and financials, translation, sales, marketing & advertisement, philosophy, psychology, circus, biology, anthropology, geology, archaeology, mathematics & physics, law, humor, art, music, religion, photography, software development & algorithms, (or practically any possible field).


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